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Financial One’s nonprofit specialists provide consulting for every aspect of your organization including turnaround services, analysis of organizational, accounting and reporting structure, as well as Human Resources organizational structure, policies and procedures.

Our professional team of consultants on your engagement will provide the tools and recommendations to take your organization to the next level. We have the depth of knowledge through licensing, certification and numerous years of service in the nonprofit community to provide industry specific insight to meet your needs.

What is included in Consulting for Nonprofits?

Financial One’s consulting services play a crucial role in assisting nonprofit organizations in navigating the complex financial landscape and ensuring sound financial management. Nonprofits often face unique challenges related to funding, compliance, and reporting requirements. Our consultants have the expertise in the nonprofit sector to offer valuable guidance, strategic advice, and specialized knowledge to help nonprofits overcome these challenges. Below are some of the benefits and key aspects of Financial One’s consulting services for nonprofits.

  • Experience and Expertise in Nonprofit Accounting: Financial One’s consultants specializing in nonprofits possess extensive knowledge and experience in nonprofit accounting practices. We understand the specific financial reporting requirements, compliance regulations, and accounting standards relevant to nonprofit organizations. Our expertise and experience ensures that nonprofits can maintain accurate financial records, meet reporting obligations, and effectively communicate financial information to stakeholders.
  • Financial Systems and Processes: Financial One’s consultants assist nonprofits in designing and implementing efficient financial systems and processes. We assess the organization’s current accounting practices, identify areas for improvement, and develop customized solutions to enhance financial operations. This may involve streamlining bookkeeping procedures, implementing internal controls, reviewing staff segregation of duties and recommending software or technology tools to automate financial tasks. Improved financial systems increase accuracy, efficiency, and transparency in financial management.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Support: Nonprofits must adhere to numerous regulatory requirements, such as tax filings, funding audits, and financial reporting. Financial One’s consultants provide guidance and support to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and reporting obligations. They help nonprofits navigate complex accounting rules, maintain proper documentation, and prepare accurate financial reports. By staying compliant, nonprofits minimize the risk of penalties, maintain trust with stakeholders, and uphold their reputation.
  • Grant Management and Reporting: Nonprofits heavily rely on grants to fund their programs and activities. Financial One’s consultants assist nonprofits in managing grants effectively from tracking grant funds to complying with grant reporting requirements. We help develop systems to monitor grant expenditures, ensure adherence to donor restrictions, and generate accurate and timely grant reports. Proper grant management enables nonprofits to maintain positive relationships with grantors, demonstrate the impact of their programs, and secure future funding.
  • Forecasting, Budgeting and Analysis: Financial One’s consultants provide guidance and support in financial planning and budgeting processes. We assist nonprofits in developing realistic budgets, setting financial goals, and aligning financial strategies with organizational objectives. Our consultants utilize financial forecasting techniques, analyze historical data, and incorporate industry benchmarks to help nonprofits make informed and timely financial decisions. Effective financial planning allows nonprofits to allocate resources efficiently, assess sustainability, and pursue strategic initiatives.
  • Internal Controls and Risk Management: Financial One’s consultants help nonprofits establish robust internal controls and risk management practices. We conduct risk assessments, identify vulnerabilities, and recommend strategies to mitigate risks. Our consultants assist in implementing financial policies and procedures, segregation of duties, and fraud prevention measures. Strengthened internal controls reduce the risk of financial mismanagement, protect assets, and enhance overall organizational governance.
  • Training and Best Practices: Financial One’s consultants provide training and education on ways to strengthen the financial acumen of nonprofit staff and board members. We conduct workshops and seminars on topics such as financial literacy, budgeting, and financial reporting. By improving the financial skills of the nonprofit’s team, we empower organizations to make informed decisions, effectively manage finances, and better communicate financial information to stakeholders.
  • Strategic Financial Advice: Financial One’s consultants offer strategic financial advice to nonprofit organizations. We provide insights on financial sustainability, fundraising strategies, and resource allocation. Our consultants assess the financial viability of new initiatives, conduct fiscal analyses, and offer recommendations to optimize financial resources. This strategic guidance enables nonprofits to make informed decisions, maximize impact, and achieve long-term financial stability.
  • Merger, Acquisition, and New Venture Analysis: Financial One’s consultants can provide the analysis needed to assess a merger, acquisition, and/or new venture. We exam source documents such as contracts and financial records and conduct viability assessments to make recommendations on the merits of the potential opportunity.
  • Human Resource Advice: Financial One’s consultants offer value to your organization by allowing you to engage with a dedicated, experienced HR professional who understands the non-profit environment and will plan your HR support program to suit your specific needs.  Common projects and assistance that non-profits need include:
    • Streamlining the recruiting & hiring process
    • Analyzing existing personnel function efficiencies
    • Conducting independent, third-party workplace investigations
    • Creating or updating employee handbooks
    • Educating and/or training as it relates to specific needs

Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations FAQs

Nonprofit organizations have unique challenges and a need for accurate and timely financial information. Explore our nonprofit accounting FAQs to learn more about why every nonprofit should use a specialized accounting firm.

Does Financial One conduct annual or grant reporting audits?

While Financial One has many CPA’s as part of our team, we do not conduct independent financial statement audits or reviews.

Does Financial One engage in Special Projects?

Yes. Financial One provides special project services ranging from turnaround services, CFO engagements (long and short term), financial and human resources department reviews, and other operational analysis with financial and human resources related impact.

Does Financial One conduct accounting training/courses for the accounting staff of non-profit organizations?

While Financial One does a lot of training to keep our team members updated on the latest operational, procedural, systems and legal aspects of accounting; we do not conduct training for other organizations.