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Our Culture

Financial One was founded as the result of a need in the non-profit community for accurate, timely and value-added Accounting, Financial Reporting, Budgeting/Forecasting and Consulting services.

In a recent culture survey of Financial One team members, 93% of our team members found their work to be interesting and challenging.

Our team members have a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of Financial One, know the company mission and values and understand how they contribute.

  • We care about the non-profit community and the work our clients do in their communities. In addition to becoming the accounting team for the organization, our team members can be found participating in events advancing the mission of the various non-profit organizations.
  • We care about our team members. Family First is not just lip service. Our team members value being able to take their children to their first day of school and attend their events, have flexibility should family emergencies occur, and overall have time with their families. We celebrate with our Financial One family member’s, and we walk alongside them in times of need.
  • Our dedication to our work is reflected daily in the quality of our accurate, timely and value-added services. Our client’s auditors have consistently commented about our work and have referred other non-profits organizations to Financial One.
  • Financial One is committed to the development and advancement of our team members. Our leadership team members identify and create experiences to help advance knowledge, skills and abilities. Through in-house training, supporting professional certification, and opportunities to participate in seminars and conferences; we take your career growth and development as seriously as you do!
  • Inclusion and Diversity – Financial One believes that a diverse organization recognizes, values and utilizes its diversity to advance the business. In a recent team member culture survey, 98% of our team members from all backgrounds and with a range of identities, believe they have equitable opportunities to advance and succeed in their careers. They believe that the company actively seeks a diverse pool of candidates at all levels and that our senior leadership team is prepared to effectively manage a culturally diverse workforce.

We are a population of:

  • Caregivers
  • From different origins
  • Identify as part of the LGBTQ community
  • Are managing medical conditions
  • Are from at least 6 different ethnic groups and from a variety of religious groups
  • Were born in 6 different decades
  • 33% of us consider ourselves first generation college graduates