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Rachel Janiga, MBA

CFO & Director of Accounting Services


Rachel Janiga serves as a Chief Financial Officer for a range of clients at Financial One Accounting and acts as the organizations Director of Accounting Services.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/Finance and a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Information Systems. Rachel has over 25 years of Finance, Accounting and Government Compliance experience and brings expertise in union and supplier contract negotiations (including government), financial/billing platform conversions and acquisitions.  

Rachel joined the Financial One Accounting team in April of 2016, fulfilling her dream of gaining experience in the non-profit sector and providing her the opportunity to give back to the community. In 2020, she added the role of Director of Accounting Services and is responsible for assigning talent to client teams as well as working with team members to fulfill their career goals. 

Rachel works with numerous not-for-profit industries including, but not limited to, health and welfare organizations, behavioral health organizations and public benefit non-profit organizations.  She engages closely with their executive teams and boards to help them navigate the challenges of being financially sound for the long term.   During her career, Rachel has worked in virtually all accounting rolls and progressed her career through education and promotions. This has assisted her in being an impactful leader as well as a strong proponent of talent development.  She understands what it takes to complete the job and can relate to the challenges that her co-workers face on a daily basis.

Rachel and her husband, Jack, have four adult children and 4 granddaughters. They enjoy spending time with their family, music and traveling to new and interesting places.

Rachel Janiga, MBA Photo